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Heather Scott, She/Her, Certified Aromatherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Advanced Crystal Healer, Certified Sound Healer, Ordained Minister

A born healer, Heather didn't start her path of helping others until 2014. She began by attending school to become a Certified Aromatherapist and soon after opened her first business, Moonlit Garden Aromatherapy. With MGA she did classes, consults, and made small batch body care products. 

A couple years later  she answered the calling of The Universe to open Spunky. Spunky is a spiritual wellness store that offers tools to help people on their spiritual and wellness path. Spunky is an open, welcoming, and safe space for that doesn't just offer products, but also offers education for anyone who wants to learn and community. 

After opening Spunky, she proceeded to become an Ordained Minister, Reiki Master/Teacher, Advanced Crystal Healer, Certified Sound Healer and is now working on adding Certified Trauma Recovery Coach to her list.

Heather now uses all the modalities she is trained in along with her natural gifts of being an empath and intuitive person to help people on their wellness paths. Whether  you are looking for a business or life coach, an energy or crystal healing session, a clinical aromatherapy consult, someone to perform a hand fasting or wedding, or house or space cleansing, she has a service for everyone. Schedule with her today to get started on your balanced path!

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Whitney Wilson, Herbalist, Reiki Master

Whitney is what we like to call a multifaceted individual, fulfilling various roles as a Reiki Master/Teacher, author, practical nurse, herbalist, professional crafter, soon to be a Certified Integrative Somatic Practitioner, and enthusiast of diverse pursuits. After graduating from nursing school in 2012, she practiced nursing for nearly a decade, encountering a wide range of specialties and experiences. However, she soon realized that something vital was missing from healthcare - a focus on true healing rather than merely managing symptoms.

Her desire to create lasting, transformative change in people's lives led her to explore alternative paths. She recognized the incredible resilience and potential within the human body, mind, and spirit. This realization propelled her towards spirituality, personal growth, herbalism, Reiki, and who knows where the path will lead next? Through her journey, she has come to understand that healers do very little, if any, of the actual healing; rather, they serve as guides, reminding individuals of their own capabilities and providing tools to facilitate self-discovery and maybe carry some torches to light the way. Yea, she's a great cheerleader...mostly.

Thus, when she refers to herself as a "healer," she actually embraces the role of a catalyst of sorts, for healing, that is. Whitney's objective is to connect with you as a fellow human, recognize you as a WHOLE person, listen to your goals, and apply her knowledge and experiences in a way that empowers you on your unique healing journeys. It is her belief that true healing occurs when individuals take control of their own paths, and her purpose is to facilitate and support that self-empowerment.

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